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Collaboration with Miroglio Textile: Printed Silk and Linen Signature Collection (2012)


In 2012, I was invited by Miroglio Textile in Alba to design a signature textile collection of eight prints. I worked with a team to develop the prints you see here. I began in the archive and discovered the very first Miroglio print design ever archived - a polka dot print from the 1940s - and the entire collection grew from this archival fiche. I designed four prints based on photographs of hand-cut paper and from there, developed four digitally based prints.
For the first four designs (printed on linen and silk), I made a landscape of colored paper that seems to grow out of the archival fiche, with the polka dots growing in size and and bursting into three dimensions towards a delta of layered, colorful paper. I then selected and photographed three details from this first construction to use for the following three prints, where hand-cut paper made playful, landscape-like geometries.
For the following four prints (all printed on silk), I made shell-like paper forms, photographed them, and inserted them into metaphysical-feeling, beach-like digital spaces of color and stripes.